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Webnews, 30/07/2018


A global responsibility to protect human life?


COMECE took part in the workshop “Equal beginnings, but then? A global responsibility” organised in the Vatican on 25-26 June by the Pontifical Academy for Life within the context of its annual assembly.



On the theological bases given by an analysis of the content-related developments from the encyclicals “Evangelium Vitae” and “Laudato Si”, participants from all over the world engaged into a dialogue to shed light over the variety of global challenges for the bioethical demands to protect human life before and after birth.


Pope Francis joined the group and delivered a speech stating that the global vision of bioethics drawn from the Christian vision will strive with greater commitment to break free from complicity with the “dirty work of death” that draws its strength from sin.


“This bioethics will not begin with a consideration of sickness and death in order to reach an understanding of the meaning of life and the worth of the individual - Pope said. Rather, it will begin with a profound belief in the irrevocable dignity of the human person, as loved by God – the dignity of each person, in every phase and condition of existence – as it seeks out those forms of love and care that are concerned for the vulnerability and frailty of each individual”.


During the event, COMECE Advisor on Ethics, together with other participants, rose awareness on the importance of developing an interdisciplinary approach and to translate the clarity of the Social Catholic Doctrine to the political and social level of modern societies.


On the topic of Ethics, COMECE will soon publish a reflection on “Robotisation of Life” in order to address the complex ethical questions raised by the effects of Artificial Intelligence on our societies.

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