Abidjan Summit: towards a new authentic mutual partnership?

Political leaders of the European Union met with their counterparts from the African Union in Abidjan to reinforce their partnership and focus on the «Youth» of both continents.

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Together with African Bishops (SECAM), COMECE followed the 5th AU-EU Summit, a key moment to strengthen the ties between the two continents on the basis of a fair and authentic mutual partnership.

In their joint statement published on the eve of the Summit, EU and African bishops welcomed the focus on the youth and encouraged the participants to «work as one for the youth of our continents».

Opportunities for young people need to be created in order to empower them to take an active part at all levels of economic, social and political life.

EU and African political leaders discussed another key issue: migration. COMECE and SECAM stressed that «it is the responsibility of the political leadership to make sure that migrants are treated with dignity and protected against criminal exploitation”.

In this regard, the recently launched European External Investment Plan could be an important instrument to mark a shift from a “donor-recipient relationship” towards a responsible, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership.

“New local industries and sustainable development of agriculture – stated the bishops – may furthermore help to reduce the stress which forces young people to leave their homeland and diminish the phenomenon generally known as ‘brain drain’».

Deeply rooted in both local realities, Churches can play a crucial role in building bridges and actively involving all generations in the work for peace and sustainable development on both continents.