COMECE Working Group on Migration and Asylum: focus on the African migration to the EU

COMECE Working Group on Migration and Asylum analysed the situation and challenges related to African migration to the EU, in the context of the new EU–Africa Partnership.

(Credit: COMECE)

Held on the 6th of December, the working group gathered representatives of Catholic organizations, experts from Bishops’ conferences and EU officials. The participants examined main migratory trends in Sub-Saharian countries, as well as some of North African realities, and addressed the push-and-pull factors for people to forcedly migrate to Europe.

COMECE sustains a more active role of the EU and its Member States in reinforcing their efforts to overcome the root causes of forced migration by promoting the rule of law, the protection of the fundamental rights of the citizens, peace structures and stability as well as more ambitious investments in the region.

Ahead of the EU–AU Summit in Abidjan, EU and African Bishops (SECAM) issued a statement reminding the common concerns on dealing with migration and asylum issues. They urged the need to further enhance a respectful cooperation that may lead to prevent forced migration and trafficking in human beings, and protect human dignity of migrants at all stages of their travels.

Recently, COMECE produced the contribution “Private Investment and Development” regarding the European External Investment Plan, urging the EU to focus on fostering the resilience of local people through promoting responsible, sustainable and mutually beneficial transnational partnerships.

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