Thursday 23. November 2017
Ecology & Sustainability

In the Treaties the European Union professes the principles of sustainability, the protection of the environment and the fight against the causes and effects of climate change. Regularly these ambitions are in conflict with other aims of the EU like economic growth, agriculture and industrial policy.

Since 2008 COMECE has been engaged with the topic of climate change and regularly stressed the necessity of an ecological conversion and a different and more sober style of life. In his encyclical «Laudato si» Pope Francis has flagged up this idea with his concept of an «integrate ecology» that underscores the link between the protection of the environment and climate, the fight against poverty, social justice, economy and politics.

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02. June 2017

Cardinal Marx on the decision of the US President to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement

Press, 02/06/2017

Statement of Cardinal Reinhard Marx, COMECE President, following the decision of the US President to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement.

16. May 2017

COMECE welcomes EP resolution on Food Waste

Press, 16/05/2017

Statement of Fr. Olivier Poquillon OP, secretary general of COMECE, on today’s adoption of a report by the European Parliament on «Resource efficiency: reducing food waste, improving food safety».

07. October 2016

Paris Agreement on Climate Change: the practical implementation begins

COMECE Press 07/10/2016

COMECE welcomes the ratification by the European Union of the climate agreement signed last year in Paris.

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