Sunday 22. October 2017
External Action

The EU started to develop a Common Foreign and Security Policy with the Maastricht Treaty (1992). Moreover, in recent years, the EU intensified efforts to promote Human Rights outside its borders and it has played a major role in International Trade and Development Aid. EU Enlargement continues to be an important pillar of EU’s External Policy. Since 2004 a specific Neighborhood Policy was elaborated to establish good relations with neighboring countries. In the hope that a united Europe can take a stronger role on the world stage, COMECE together with Justice and Peace Europe aims to assist the EU in its vocation to promote global peace and assume its responsibility for supporting sustainable development and social justice across the world. COMECE is assisted in this mission by a Commission on the External Relations of the European Union

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21. September 2017

EU-Africa partnership, COMECE gathers religious actors and policy-makers

Webnews, 21/09/2017

COMECE and Caritas Europa hosted a dialogue meeting with faith-based actors and policy-makers in preparation of the 5th EU-Africa Summit that will take place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in November 2017.


11. September 2017

COMECE debated on shrinking civic space

Webnews, 11/09/2017

COMECE hosted a meeting with NGOs representatives and faith-based actors to discuss the issue of shrinking space for civil society. The participants reflected on how European policy-makers could contribute to fostering civic space.

12. July 2017

Religious actors discuss with policy-makers how to implement resilience

Webnews, 12/07/2017

COMECE hosted a roundtable debate on the concept of resilience and the respective roles of policy-makers and faith-based actors in this process. The meeting gathered 30 stakeholders from European External Action Service, European Commission, European Parliament as well UN and faith-based actors from the field. 

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