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Homily, 09/10/2018


Mgr. Norvila's homily: "All ministries in the Church are good and meaningful"


Mgr. Rimantas Norvila, Lithuanian bishop delegate to COMECE and President of the COMECE Commission on the External Affairs of the EU, celebrated a Holy Mass at COMECE before the beginning session of his Commission.



Brussels, 09/10/2018. Gospel reference: Luke 10:38-42


A story about Martha and Mary in the Gospel is very well known to us. As usually after reading this text we underline the importance to hear Jesus, to be attentive to his words, to his person. It’s the main message of this fragment of the Gospel.


Let us discover another element in the content of this text today.


Jesus wants to visit His friends and to spend time together with them. We can say, it seems He needs time to relax and to share friendship.


Martha is a really good woman. She wants to make everything for Jesus in the best way. She wants to express her special attention and favor to the Master. Probably her expectations were to be together with all guests and to share community with them after the meal. However at first she wants to receive them respectfully. She wants to be together, no doubt. But she understands, someone must show hospitality, to prepare the meal and space for this exceptional  meeting.

So she only wants to do good to Jesus as well as to the other guests and there is no reason to judge, to criticize Martha, as we sometimes hear from commentaries on this text.


Dear collaborators of COMECE, very often you are in the role of Martha. You are busy, you must prepare, organize many things and not always these activities are valued sufficiently.


The ministry of Martha is very good. There is need to understand - someone must do this and this, like at home, in the family life.


In the Church both of these ministries are always necessary – the service of Martha as well as the contemplation of Mary.


For me a very good practical example of this understanding is the Santa Martha house in the Vatican, installed by the Pope John Paul II. Especially this name was given to the guest house in the Vatican - Santa Martha. The mission of this home is to show hospitality, to serve and to help others, who carry other ministries in the Church. It’s an interesting coincidence that many years after the installation of this house, Pope Francis decided to stay in this house during his ministry for the Universal Church. All ministries in the Church are good and meaningful.


God bless your everyday ministry. Amen.




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