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Migration & Asylum

Migration and asylum are human rights issues. Frequently, individuals and families leave their places of origin or residence seeking an improvement in their living conditions or simply fleeing violence or war. The current scale of the phenomenon at the EU borders is worrying, as are the tragedies and deaths that result from the desperation of migrants, many of them victims of criminal activities of smugglers and traffickers. Integration of migrants and asylum seekers is also a challenge. The COMECE Secretariat works for the rights of migrants, refugees and hosting societies to be harmonised and respected in the EU for the sake of the common good in the Christian spirit of welcoming the stranger. COMECE is assisted in this mission by a Working Group on Migration and Asylum.

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01. January 2018

World Day of Peace: Migration as an opportunity to build peace

Webnews, 01/01/2018

In his Message for the World Day of Peace, Pope Francis encouraged to offer «refugees, migrants and victims of human trafficking an opportunity to find the peace they seek».

18. December 2017

COMECE Working Group on Migration and Asylum: focus on the African migration to the EU

Webnews, 18/12/2017

COMECE Working Group on Migration and Asylum analysed the situation and challenges related to African migration to the EU, in the context of the new EU–Africa Partnership.

28. November 2017

Syriac-Catholic Patriarch visits COMECE

Webnews, 28/11/2017

A high-level delegation of bishops from the Middle East visited COMECE and met with Christian organisations to talk about the condition of Christian minorities in Syria and Iraq.



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