Monday 27. February 2017
Migration & Asylum

Migration and asylum are human rights issues. Frequently, individuals and families leave their places of origin or residence seeking an improvement in their living conditions or simply fleeing violence or war. The current scale of the phenomenon at the EU borders is worrying, as are the tragedies and deaths that result from the desperation of migrants, many of them victims of criminal activities of smugglers and traffickers. Integration of migrants and asylum seekers is also a challenge. The COMECE Secretariat works for the rights of migrants, refugees and hosting societies to be harmonised and respected in the EU for the sake of the common good in the Christian spirit of welcoming the stranger. COMECE is assisted in this mission by a Working Group on Migration and Asylum.

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13. February 2017

Proposals to improve EU’s integration of third country nationals

Webnews 13/02/2017

COMECE and other members of the Christian group on migration have published their comments on the Action Plan on the integration of third country nationals proposed by the European Commission. The Plan aims at supporting Member States in the integration of third-country nationals in the EU.

07. February 2017

Solving migration with countries of origin and transit?

Webnews 07/02/2017

The EU is moving to a migration policy that reinforces its external dimension. After the EU-Turkey “deal” and Partnerships with some African countries, a new agreement between Italy and Libya, endorsed by EU leaders, has been signed last 2 February, to help the UN-backed Libyan government curb migration.

23. January 2017

Migration : UNHCR welcomes moral stand of Bishop Zsifkovics

Webnews 23/01/2017

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency pays tribute to the moral stand of the Bishop of Eisenstadt and COMECE member who, in 2015, “refused to allow a border fence to keep out refugees to be built on church land, and helped to change Austrian government policy on border security.” The Eisenstadt diocese gave temporary shelter to 1,000 people and is now helping to integrate more than 500 people.


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