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COMECE Press 07/10/2016


Paris Agreement on Climate Change: the practical implementation begins


COMECE welcomes the ratification by the European Union of the climate agreement signed last year in Paris.


Following the deposit of the instruments of ratification to the United Nations on Friday in New York, the climate agreement can now enter into force. This raises hopes that the international community will be able to act quickly and responsibly in the fight against climate change.


Now that the framework is set at the global level, COMECE considers it essential for national and local authorities to mobilise and coordinate themselves. The effects of climate change transcend national borders and are felt also at the local level.


Dialogue and participation will be key to successfully involve all stakeholders concerned by the measures that will now have to be taken. The economic viability and the technical feasibility should not be the only criteria taken into account in the search for solutions. The backbone of the implementation measures should be the search for common good in the long term.

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