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Webnews, 27/10/2017


(Re)Thinking Europe

Card. Marx: “looking to the future, not backward”


“Europe should not look backward to face challenges, but should have a lucid examination of the present and the future”, stated Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of COMECE, during the press conference officially introducing (Re)Thinking Europe to the press.




“The European Union has achieved great results over the past 60 years - Card. Marx stated – contributing to peace, solidarity, growth and progress in the continent”.


Today, challenged by new phenomenon and many complicated situation, “Europe should not look backward in search for a nostalgic and romantic transfiguration of the past, but should look ahead, to the future”.


Cardinal Marx argued that (Re)Thinking Europe should be the key to re-engage a dialogue between politicians and representatives of the Church in order to understand how to continue carrying out the European project and how to face EU’s major challenges - climate change, effects of digitalisation on work and migration movements.


The press conference continued with the intervention of Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States of the Holy See, which is the co-organiser of (Re)Thinking Europe with COMECE. Both Card. Marx and Archbishop Gallagher emphasised the nature of (Re)Thinking Europe, not a congress but a frank and open dialogue.


Photos of the Press Conference

Video Interview to Cardinal Marx (in German)

Video Interview to Cardinal Marx (in English)

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