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Integration of Migrants: A Catholic Perspective


Evening debate Tuesday, 1 December 2015

People migrate for a variety of reasons. Leaving the land of one’s birth is never easy. Today an increasing number of people are driven out of their homeland by poverty or by despair concerning the economic or social prospects of themselves or their families. The European Union has witnessed lately an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants, fleeing military conflicts or poverty in their native countries, seeking a better future among us.


The Catholic Church – together with other actors – plays an important role in welcoming migrants and in providing initial care for them and their families. With her long pastoral experience behind her, the Church realises we must look beyond the immediate horizon of a humanitarian crisis and consider how best to integrate migrants into the host societies.


Our evening debate here at COMECE brings together a variety of people from Catholic communities across Europe with a view to deepening our understanding of the complex challenges involved in integrating migrants into our host societies. Parishes are at the front-line of the integration challenge: their experience can enlighten all – politicians, civil servants, social workers, town planners, civic authorities – working on integrating migrants.




  • Mr Martin WILDE BKU - Bund Katholischer Unternehmer
  • Fr Arun ALPHONSE, OFM,  St. Anthony’s Parish of Kraainem
  • Mr Sergio BARCIELA, Migration and Inclusion Cáritas Española
  • Fr Damian CICHY, SVD, Cardinal S. Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Fu Shenfu Migrant Centre 

ModerationFr Patrick H. Daly COMECE General Secretary


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