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Roma integration


unknownWhilst the Roma issue at the top of the EU political agenda, COMECE is closely monitoring the political debate on this issue. COMECE recalls that the Church should be taken into account as a relevant partner by the EU institutions in their Roma Strategy. Throughout her parishes, communities, congregations and organizations, with the effort of her priests, religious brothers and sisters, and volunteering lay people, the Church is developing in the EU relevant and permanent work on the ground with Roma people in order to dignify their life in their countries of origin, as well as in those countries to which they migrate. The Church is fully engaged in fighting against poverty, in educating people, and promoting the integral development of every human being and, for those reasons, is able to join with the Roma people in their daily life to integrate themselves in the society, respecting their strong self-awareness.


COMECE initiatives on the Roma issue:

Dialogue Seminar on Roma inclusion

27 june 2011

unknownThis was the topic of the Dialogue Seminar which took place this 27 June at the European Commission. About 12 million Roma live throughout Europe today. To foster their inclusion, the EU recently adopted an EU framework for national Roma integration strategies up to 2020. Churches welcomed the adoption of this framework, especially as it looks beyond the current EU and considers support to enlargement countries for the social and economic inclusion of Roma.

A Reflection on the EU Roma Framework

12 October 2011


On 24 October 2011, COMECE in cooperation with CCEE (Council of European Bishops’ Conferences) presented its current reflections and proposals to the European Commission in order to improve the living conditions of Roma people in the context of the common good.

COMECE contributes to the European Platform for Roma Inclusion

17 November 2011

Following the Dialogue Seminar on "Roma inclusion: a need, a challenge and a duty" organised by COMECE, CEC and BEPA (European Commission) on the 27 June 2011, COMECE has been invited by the European Commission (DG Justice) to become a member of the European Platform for Roma Inclusion. This Platform is intended, according to the Commission “to support Member States to find the relevant policy responses through the exchange of good practices and the discussions of approaches from organisations with experience in promoting Roma inclusion.”

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