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18. June 2009

Climate change: Challenge for lifestyles, solidarity and global justice

COMECE Press 18/06/2009

Six months ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Churches and church organisations discussed with EU representatives the ethical dimension of the fight against climate change. 

29. October 2008

PRESS CONFERENCE - Presentation of the Report of the COMECE on Climate Change

COMECE Press 29/10/2008

Presentation of the Report of the COMECE ad-hoc Working Group: « A Christian View on Climate Change ».

29. October 2008

Presentation of the COMECE report :"Climate change requires an ethical answer"

COMECE Press 29/10/2008

The expert group set up by COMECE last January and chaired by the former EU-Commissioner Prof. Franz Fischler publishes today its report to the Bishop members of COMECE. The document.

05. May 2008

We need an ecological conversion

COMECE Press 05/05/2008

The Church and Religious leaders affirmed a shared responsibility with political leaders on the future of the planet.

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