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29. October 2008

Presentation of the COMECE report :"Climate change requires an ethical answer"

COMECE Press 29/10/2008

The expert group set up by COMECE last January and chaired by the former EU-Commissioner Prof. Franz Fischler publishes today its report to the Bishop members of COMECE. The document.

05. May 2008

We need an ecological conversion

COMECE Press 05/05/2008

The Church and Religious leaders affirmed a shared responsibility with political leaders on the future of the planet.

07. March 2008

COMECE Spring Plenary Assembly: The EU of the 21st century should incarnate the Common Good

COMECE Press 07/03/2008

The main topic being ‘Respecting human dignity and safeguarding the creation – incarnation of the Common good in the EU policies of the 21st century’.

15. January 2008

A Christian reflection on the EU Climate change Policies

COMECE Press 15/01/2008

The ad hoc Working Group « EU Policies on Climate change and Christian Lifestyle », established by the COMECE met for the first time on 11 January 2008 in Brussels.

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