Monday 21. April 2014


Press Conference/ EU elections: The central issues at stake

Thursday 20 March 14:00

unknownThe Catholic Bishops of Europe publish today a Statement in view of the upcoming European elections. In this text, they reaffirm their support for the European project. They encourage all citizens of the European Union to go to the polling booths on the 22nd and 25th May, and to start engaging, during the run-up to the election, in constructive dialogue with their MEP’s and those who are candidates for seats. Read more


Quel lien entre ce monde et l’au-delà ?

Tuesday 18 February 19:00 @ Chapel for Europe



« Si le Christ n’est pas ressuscité, votre foi est sans contenu », déclare Paul, originaire d’Asie Mineure, mais s’adressant à une « communauté européenne », celle de Corinthe  (1 Co 15, 14). Le Père Henri Delhougne osb, de l'Abbaye de Clervaux, au Luxembourg, nous parlera de “Quel lien entre ce monde et l’au-delà ?" Cette rencontre sera le dernière de la série de conférences organisées par la COMECE et la Chapelle de la Résurrection dans la perspective des prochaines élections européennes. Read more and register


COMECE meets Greek EU Presidency

10 January 2014

unknownYouth Unemployment, Migration, Human trafficking: these were among the topics discussed by COMECE and KEK with the Greek Deputy Minister Dimitris Kourkoulas. The aim of this meeting, one in a long-standing series of high-level encounters between Church representatives and the in-coming presidencies of the EU, was to discuss the principal issues the Greek EU Presidency hopes to address in the first six months of 2014. Top of the agenda were the questions of social cohesion and migration in the EU. Read more


Conference: The Family in the 21st Century

Tuesday 7 January 19:00 @ Chapel for Europe

unknownThere is a wide consensus within Europe that the nuclear family is the basic building block of a healthy and prosperous society. A wide range of social change has challenged this view. In the light of the changing profile of the family in Europe, Breda O’Brien, Columnist at The Irish Times, will explore the constitutive elements of the family and its relationship to society at large. On Tuesday 7 January 2014 at 19:00, “The Family in the 21st Century” at the Chapel for Europe will be the fourth of the series of  conferences EUROPE, POLITICS AND BEYOND organised by COMECE and the Chapel for Europe in view of the European elections. Read more and register here


COMECE Plenary Assembly

13-15 November 2013

The shipwreck, in which over three hundred migrants lost their lives in a vain attempt to reach the island of Lampedusa on 3 October last, made migration a banner headline issue in most European countries. It captured our hearts but it also focused our minds on the plight of migrants and how we were treating them. Yet it is sobering to remember that upwards of twenty thousand people have drowned in efforts to cross the Mediterranean over the last years. The Bishops of COMECE have been studying

the contemporary phenomenon of migration and asylum in the EU at their Autumn Plenary meeting from 13 to 15 November in Brussels. Read more


Conference: The Migrant Experience

13 November 2013, 19:00 @ Chapel for Europe

unknownEurope is a continent on the move.

Internal migration and migration from outside, not least in pursuit of political asylum, has impacted on the lives of all communities within all Member States and communities of the EU.

The migrant is our neighbor. In order that they feel at home within the European family we need to understand the EU from their perspective. Cecilia Taylor Camara will describe their situation to us in an imaginative way. Read more and register here


COMECE Annual Report 2012

October 2013
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