Monday 27. February 2017
COMECE is monitoring and contributing to these major EU policy areas:
24. February 2017

Message of Lent of the Belgian Bishops: the Communion of People

Webnews 24/02/2016

"Are we dancing on a volcano ready to erupt?" In a globalized society, communion of people is essential to peace among nations. It implies justice and solidarity.

22. February 2017

Dutch Bishops mark their support to European project

Webnews 22/02/2017

«We came to Brussels to express our commitment with the European Union» said Mgr Hoogenboom on the occasion of the visit of the Dutch Bishop’s Conference to the European Institutions and to COMECE in Brussels, on 20-21 February.

20. February 2017

World Day of Social Justice: towards an integrated approach to combat poverty

Webnews 20/02/2017

This 20 February marks the United Nations World Day of Social Justice, an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. The COMECE Bishops recall that “Care and respect for the poorest and most vulnerable persons in a society are the basic criterion for social justice.”

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