Saturday 24. June 2017
COMECE is monitoring and contributing to these major EU policy areas:
20. June 2017

World Refugee Day: working together with refugees

Webnews, 20/06/2017

In a world where violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day, it is time to show that the global public stands with refugees. This is the reason that, less than two decades ago, brought the UN General Assembly to designite 20 June as World Refugee Day.

19. June 2017

COMECE contribution on the future of European defence

Webnews, 19/06/2017

In the current geopolitical and strategic environment, security is a major concern for people and a priority for the EU. Ahead of the European Council, COMECE has published its assessment and proposals for a future European Security and Defence Policy.  

09. June 2017

EU strategy on resilience: a shift towards pre-emptive peace-building?

Webnews, 09/06/2017

The EU presented a Joint Communication on how it aims to support states, societies, communities and individuals in adapting to growing and increasingly long-term pressures. COMECE welcomes the EU’s Joint Communication on resilience and encourages the EU to prioritise a people-centered approach in the implementation process.


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