Thursday 29. January 2015


Conference "The conversion of Christians to Ecumenism"

Chapel for Europe | 20.01.2015 at 19.00




The challenges and opportunities of the Catholic-Protestant Dialogue - 50 years after the decree on ecumenism of the Vatican Council II

With the participation of experts in matters of Ecumenical Dialogue:

Prof Dr Bernard Sesboüé SJ, Paris
Prof. Doris Lambers-Petry, Brussels
Moderated by : Johanna Touzel, COMECE

at the Chapel for Europe (22 Rue Van Maerlant)


on Tuesday 20 January 2015 at 19.00 hrs.


In French with translation into English.

After the conference: reception


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Meeting with the Latvian EU Presidency

15 January 2015


unknownChurches led wide-ranging discussions with the Latvian Presidency team on religious freedom and tolerance, climate change, migration, security strategy and conflict prevention and EU neighbourhood policy. Within a week of taking on the Presidency of the European Council, the Latvian Minister of Justice, Dzintars Rasnačs, received a delegation of representatives from the Christian churches of Europe to discuss the Latvian Presidency agenda. The meeting was held on Thursday 15 January at the Ministry of Justice in Riga. Read more


Churches meet with Italian EU Presidency



unknownIn the closing days of the Italian EU Presidency, Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentilioni met with a joint delegation of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) and the Conference of European Churches (CEC) on 18 December in Rome. Delegates present at the meeting urged the presidency for concrete action on youth unemployment, migration, and freedom of religion and belief. Read more


Soirée débat avec Michel Camdessus

mercredi 10 décembre 19h

La COMECE et Justice&Paix Europe, en partenariat avec le quotidien français « La Croix »,  ont le plaisir de vous inviter à la soirée-débat : « La scène de ce drame est le monde  - Treize ans à la tête du FMI" , avec Michel Camdessus, ancien Président du Fonds Monétaire international. A l’occasion de la parution de son livre, M. Camdessus reviendra sur son expérience à la tête de cette organisation internationale et entrera en débat sur les grands enjeux pour le monde d'aujourd'hui : gouvernance mondiale, questions européennes et solidarité internationale. La soirée-débat sera modérée par Marie Dancer, journaliste à « La Croix », chargée des questions économiques et sociales en Europe. lire plus et s'inscrire


Human trafficking: Churches call on the EU for action on a wider front

COMECE-CEC Dialogue Seminar on Human trafficking


unknownAn estimated 800,000 women, men, and children are victims of human trafficking within the EU today. Up to 60% of the victims originate from EU states. The EU and its member states urgently need to implement the legal framework already in place and to intensify cooperation with civil society and church organisations that work with victims at the grassroots level. This was one of the main messages of the Dialogue Seminar organised by COMECE and the Church and Society Commission of CEC in cooperation with CCME in dialogue with the EU Commission on 27 November. Read more

The Pope's Speech: A Message of Hope and Encouragement



On the occasion of Pope Francis' visit to the European Parliament the President of the Commission of Bishops' Conferences of the European Union (COMECE), Reinhard Cardinal Marx, stated: Today's visit to the European Parliament was the first encounter between the Pope and Europe as a whole.  In his speech to the European Parliament, Pope Francis underlined the significance of European integration and the need to carry the project forward.  Full text here


Evening-Debate | Fighting trafficking in human beings: a joint effort

26 November 2014 at 19:00 @ COMECE



Trafficking in human beings occurs under our very noses throughout the European Union.

It is a criminal activity of huge complexity.

Efforts made to address the matter of human trafficking to date have fallen short.

The Catholic Church is an active partner in the fight against this distressing phenomenon.

It is resolved to assist victims of trafficking as well as to work with public authorities

and private actors to reduce and eventually outlaw this assault on human dignity.

Read more


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