Monday 23. January 2017
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23. January 2017

Migration : UNHCR welcomes moral stand of Bishop Zsifkovics

Webnews 23/01/2017

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency pays tribute to the moral stand of the Bishop of Eisenstadt and COMECE member who, in 2015, “refused to allow a border fence to keep out refugees to be built on church land, and helped to change Austrian government policy on border security.” The Eisenstadt diocese gave temporary shelter to 1,000 people and is now helping to integrate more than 500 people.

20. January 2017
EPRS - Presentation of the book ' Dictionary of religions - Contribution of research to interreligious dialogue '

Churches: which response to terrorism in Europe ?

Webnews 20/01/2017

“One of the causes of the jihadi Salafism development is the lack of alternative proposals by our society” said Br Olivier Poquillon, Secretary general of COMECE, in his intervention to 5th European Catholic-Orthodox Forum.

18. January 2017

World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Webnews 18/01/2017

Pope Francis issues a vibrant call in favour of Child migrants and several Bishops conferences in Europe have launched statements and initiatives to encourage Christians and political leaders to act.

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