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11. Dezember 2006

Values: key to putting the Human Person at the Heart of the European Project

COMECE Press 11/12/2006

This Monday, 11 December 2006, Bishop van Luyn, President of COMECE, has sent a contribution of the Member Bishops of COMECE entitled “Common values – the living source of the European project” to the leaders of the EU Institutions.

28. November 2006

Young Europeans speak about the values held by Europe

COMECE Press 28/11/2006

On Monday 27 November last, the “Comité des Sages” (Committee of Wise Persons) set up by the COMECE bishops, met for the second time at the COMECE Secretariat in Brussels.

24. November 2006

Because Europe starts in the hearts of people, it must be built on common values

COMECE Press 24/11/2006

This was reaffirmed by the Bishops of the Commission of the Episcopates of the European Community (COMECE) today in a Contribution to the 'Berlin Declaration' on European values and ambitions planned for March 2007. The COMECE bishops adopted the text at their Plenary Assembly, which took place from 22 to 24 November 2006 in Brussels.

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