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Die COMECE beobachtet und trägt zu diesen wichtigen Bereichen der EU-Politik bei:
05. Juli 2012

COMECE joint position Paper on Cohesion Policy

COMECE Press 05/07/2012

The COMECE Secretariat together with its Ecumenical Partner Organisations elaborated a joint position on ‘the role of Church actors in the European Cohesion Policy'.

22. Juni 2012

Latest COMECE Reflections on Science and Bioethics

COMECE Press 22/06/2012

How can we deal with patients in state of post-coma unresponsiveness? What are the prospects for human enhancement by technological means? How can we fight organ trafficking and transplant tourism? 

20. Juni 2012

Cardinal Marx Statement on Rio+20 Conference

COMECE Press 20/06/2012

Statement of the President of COMECE to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Rio +20.

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