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13. März 2013

COMECE welcomes the election of Pope Francis

COMECE Press 13/03/2013

Rev. Patrick H. Daly, General Secretary of COMECE joins the wider Church Family in welcoming the election of Jorge Maria Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis. 

08. März 2013

Europe Needs a Social Dimension

COMECE Press 08/03/2013

European economic governance needs to be balanced by a social dimension, according to Churches in Europe. At a meeting with the Irish EU Presidency in Dublin this morning (Friday March 8), they questioned the sense in discussing economic austerity without including measures for social cohesion.

18. Februar 2013

Irish priest and former EU Interpreter is the new COMECE Secretary General

COMECE Press 18/02/2013

The fact that an Irishman becomes the new COMECE General Secretary under the Irish EU Presidency is rather a coincidence.

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