Monday 30. March 2020
18. October 2016

EU proposes 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Webnews 18/10/2016

The Commission endorsed a proposal to the European Parliament and Council to designate 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, to highlight the role of Europe's cultural heritage in fostering a shared sense of history and identity. Read COMECE’s article on the Protection of Religious Heritage in Europe.

17. November 2015

Integration of Migrants: A Catholic Perspective

Evening debate - Tuesday, 1st December 18:30 20.00

An evening debate to deepen our understanding of the complex challenges involved in integrating migrants into our host societies.

30. May 2011

Faith leaders and EU Institutions are ready to join forces

COMECE Press 30/05/2011

The Arab Spring was at the heart of this year’s annual summit meeting of European Faith leaders with the Presidents of the EU Institutions. 

06. April 2011

Invitation 6 April

Christian Churches in Maghreb and Mashriq

COMECE is pleased to invite you to an EVENING DEBATE on Christian Churches in Maghreb and Mashriq, on Wednesday 6 April at 19:30 at COMECE



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