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12. September 2008

The external relationships of the European Union with Muslim countries

COMECE Press 12/09/2008

One of the issues raised was the question of reciprocity in terms of religious freedom. One hundred participants, including MEPs and civil servants of the EU institutions, took part in the seminar and in the ensuing debate.

04. July 2008

Christian Europe and Islam in Europe

COMECE Press 04/07/2008

Third meeting of the series of Dialogue Seminars devoted to Islam, Christianity and Europe organised by CEC, COMECE and the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, on 3 July 2008 in the European Parliament.

30. May 2008

The building of Mosques in Europe: The visibility of religion in the European public space requires dialogue and consultation

COMECE Press 30/05/2008

The Seminar dealt with the issue of religion's visibility in the European public space, and more specifically with the question of places of worship and religious symbols in clothing.

21. April 2008

Intercultural dialogue: response to which problems?

COMECE Press 21/04/2008

The panel discussion among Islamic and Christian experts exchanged views on the urgent necessity and aims for intercultural dialogue in Europe.

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