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23. November 2016

How to ensure media pluralism ?

Webnews 23/11/2016

COMECE participated to the second edition of the "Fundamental Rights Colloquium", organised on a yearly basis by the European Commission. The topic was "Media Pluralism and Democracy". The COMECE Secretariat had contributed to the relevant consultation with a detailed submission

15. October 2016

COMECE Legal Affairs Commission: data protection‘s impact on Churches

Webnews 15/10/2016

Chaired by Mgr Hoogenboom, COMECE Legal Affairs Commission's second meeting of the year had a fruitful exchange with the EU Commission on the impact of new General Data Protection Regulation on Churches. The meeting especially gathered legal experts from 10 European Bishops‘Conferences.

23. June 2016

The common space between religious traditions and human rights

Webnews 26/06/2016

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights convened a Fundamental Rights Forum from 20 - 23 June 2016 under the motto "Rights, Respect, Reality: the Europe of Values in Today's World". Mgr Hoogenboom, Bishop of Utrecht and Member of COMECE participated in a workshop.

14. November 2015

Paris attacks: Statement of the General Secretary of COMECE

"The attacks perpetrated on the people of Paris yesterday evening fill us all with revulsion", so Fr Patrick H. Daly, General Secretary of COMECE.

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