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21. June 2013

EU Citizenship: we need a sense of belonging to a community

COMECE Press 21/06/2013

EU citizenship is an issue central to our European identity and promises to feature prominently in the debates preceding the 2014 European Parliamentary elections. 

30. May 2013

Annual EU high-level meeting of religious leaders

COMECE Press 30/05/2013

This year's annual EU high-level meeting of religious leaders took place on 30 May at the Commission's headquarters in Brussels, under the motto 'Putting citizens at the heart of Europe in times of change'.

18. March 2011

Shift of ECHR finally acknowledges the diversity of approaches in Europe regarding religious symbols in the public square

COMECE Press 18/03/2011

The Grand Chamber of the ECHR stated on 18 March 2011 that the presence of crucifixes in Italian State-school classrooms is not contrary to the right to education.

26. November 2010

COMECE Bishops concerned about rise of populist movements in Europe

Autumn Plenary Assembly

The Autumn Plenary session of COMECE met from 24 to 26 November in Brussels. It reflected on the topic of populism.

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