Saturday 22. January 2022
Our Mission

An essential mission of COMECE is to:



To monitor the political processes of the European Union and the legal developments in all areas of interest for the Church. This is pursued through regular contacts with EU policymakers, members of the European Parliament, and senior EU civil servants, with the aim of communicating to the European institutions and authorities the opinions and views of the Bishops’ Conferences of the Member States concerning European integration in the light of the Social Doctrine of the Church, to offer them the co-operation and the service of the Church, and also to respond to their questions and problems.



To communicate to the EU institutions the concerns and opinions of the Catholic Bishops in their own fields of interest relating to the construction of a peaceful and prosperous Europe for all. COMECE does this through expert opinions, statements, policy documents, studies and reports.



To maintain an open, transparent and regular dialogue with the EU Institutions through a various number of formal and informal contacts, including annual Summit meetings of religious leaders, Dialogue Seminars, Conferences and participation in consultations launched by the European Commission.



To inform and raise awareness among the Bishops’ Conferences of the EU and the Church community at large about questions of special common interest dealt with by the different institutions of the EU.



To assist the Bishops’ Conferences of the EU reflect upon the challenges posed by the construction of a unified Europe, and to foster collegiality among them in developing specific actions, inspired by their pastoral experience, to deal with social and ethical problems of significance throughout the EU.



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