Wednesday 24. May 2017
Dialogue with EU Institutions

Dialogue between the EU institutions and Churches and religious communities or associations is based on Article 17(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. This Dialogue is founded on the recognition of the identity and specific contribution of the aforesaid actors. Dialogue ex Article 17(3) TFEU builds upon consolidated practices which are open to enhancement and strengthening thanks to the legal basis foreseen in EU primary law. The COMECE Secretariat is an active partner of the EU institutions in the Dialogue process and its ongoing implementation.

30. October 2017

Speeches of Pope Francis on Europe

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Since 2014, Pope Francis held major speeches on the European project.

19. May 2017

"Rethinking Europe" Dialogue: COMECE met with Pope Francis

Press, 17/05/2017

Pope Francis met COMECE Standing Committee at the Vatican City last Tuesday in preparation of “Rethinking Europe”, the major high-level Forum of Dialogue that COMECE is organizing in collaboration with the Holy See in Rome on October 2017.

09. May 2017
EPRS - Presentation of the book ' Dictionary of religions - Contribution of research to interreligious dialogue '

9 May: Churches call on Christians to be politically committed

Webnews 09/05/2017

“Nowadays, Europe is at a crossroads: it can get back together or break up. The Catholic Church too considers this a key, fundamental time for building peace and solidarity between different peoples and states”. In an interview to AgenSIR, Fr Olivier Poquillon OP, general secretary of COMECE speaks on May 9th, the day of the Feast of Europe.

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