Saturday 22. January 2022
Our work

The bishops of COMECE meet in Plenary Assembly twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn. Our work programme is set by our bishops. They indicate our policy priorities and, with a view to the Church’s on-going commitment to the European project, the COMECE Secretariat organises events at its Brussels premises or at the European Parliament or elsewhere, as the occasion demands.


COMECE aims to provide an in-depth analysis of and contribution to European issues, policies and initiatives and keeps the evolving political and economic scene in Europe under constant review.


A series of publications, some lengthier opinions, some working documents, are published by the COMECE Secretariat. The COMECE bishops issue statements from time to time and the Secretariat contributes to EU Commission consultations, with written submissions.


COMECE regularly publishes press releases in English, French and German. One can subscribe here.


Through its monthly Newsletter Europe Infos, COMECE together with the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) offers interpretations of the legislative and political activities of the EU. Through this commentary, Europe Infos seeks to promote among its largely, although not exclusively, Christian readership, a more active interest and participation in the life of the EU and to communicate to the EU institutions views that can contribute to the relevant policies and initiatives.


In a spirit of transparency, COMECE publishes Annual reports of its activities.




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