Monday 20. February 2017

COMECE organises occasional large conferences on major issues of current interest. Evening debates, and dialogue seminars enable the promotion of contacts between Church bodies and people from the European Institutions.

06. February 2017

Colombia: from child soldiers to peace-builders

Webnews 06/02/2017

40 participants took part in the lunch event and exchanged with young people from Medellín (Colombia) and with Fr. Rafael Bejarano sdb, Director de Ciudad Don Bosco (CBD) in Medellín. The Salesians of Don Bosco are helping former children soldiers to re-integrate into society. View the video documentary entitled “Alto el Fuego” ("Ceasefire”).

06. December 2016

Evening debate: Tackling Youth Unemployment in Europe

COMECE Event 06/12/2016

Youth Guarantee and the Employment Initiative contributed to the decrease of the youth unemployment rate of 1.4 million people since 2013. But to what extent has the Youth Guarantee helped the young long-term unemployed to find a job?

02. November 2016

Work-Life-Balance 4.0 - Challenges in a Time of Digitalisation

Conference on 15 November

Digitalisation is changing our society in many ways. What influence does this development have on our everyday life in society and with our family? This is the topic of the conference on "Work-Life-Balance 4.0 - Challenges in a Time of Digitalisation".

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