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Churches meet Irish Presidency of the EU

Kirchen treffen die Irische EU-Präsidentschaft
Press release ? 11 March 2004 Church representatives today praised the European Union?s support for dialogue with religious communities at a meeting in Dublin with the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern T.D., and President-in-office of the European Council.

COMECE encourages EU to make family a priority

COMECE encourages EU to make family a priority
Press Release ? 16 March 2004 The COMECE Secretariat has today published detailed proposals for an EU Family Strategy designed to make the enlarged EU "the most family-friendly region of the world by 2010".

Santiago 2004 - Day 1

17 April 2004 Pilgrimage opened by Bishop Adrianus van Luyn in Santo Domingo de Silos. Vespers with the monks of Silos and first short walk. Reception and meeting with Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, Member of the European Parliament, and video message from Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission.

Santiago 2004 - Day 2

18 April 2004 Mass in the Santa Tecla chapel of the magnificent Cathedral of Burgos, with its golden stairway and chapels, presided by Archbishop Manuel Montiero de Castro, Apostolic Nuncio in Spain. The pilgrimage route begins near Castrojeriz, and concludes with picnic and prayers near Itero del Castillo. Vespers in the Romanesque Church of San Isidoro in León - "the Sistine Chapel of Romanesque art" -, followed by a reception with Mary Hanafin, Minister of State representing the Irish EU Presidency.

Santiago 2004 - Day 3

19 April 2004 Mass in the Cathedral of Leon, the "Pulchra Leonina". Picnic and prayer at Astorga. Walk to Murias. Vespers in the Basilica Santa Maria de la Encina in Ponferrada, followed by a reception in a nearby theatre with Alojz Peterle, former Prime Minister of Slovenia.

Santiago 2004 - Photos

17 April: The pilgrims arrive in Santo Domingo de Silos 18 April: Mass in the Cathedral of Burgos 18 April: The pilgrims leave Castrojeriz 18 April: On the pilgrim's way between Castrojeriz and Itero del Castillo 19 April: Arrival at the Cathedral of Astorga 20 April: Archbishop Julián Barrio Barrio greets Bischof Josef Homeyer and the 300 pilgrims 20 April: The pilgrims enter through the Holy Door 21 April: Pilgrims' Mass in the Cathedral of Santiago

Santiago 2004 - a week of events to mark European unification - draws to a close

Santiago 2004 - conclusions
Press Release - 24 April 2004 A week of events to mark the unification of Europe, including a pilgrimage, a congress and the plenary meeting of the Bishops of COMECE, has drawn to a close in Santiago de Compostela, the ?spiritual capital of Europe?.
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