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COMECE Press 07.07.2005


Statement on the terrorist attacks in London


The Executive Committee of COMECE wish to offer their sincere condolences, support and prayers to the British people following the terrorist attacks on the London transport system on Thursday morning.


Europe has once again fallen victim to perpetrators of fear and destruction who have targeted vulnerable, ordinary people seeking to live their everyday lives in a free and fair society. Yet the values and spirit that are shared by the people of Great Britain and the wider European community will continue to hold firm in the face of such adversity/extremism.


The timing of these attacks is particularly detestable as the G8 gathers in Gleneagles, Scotland to discuss an agenda that seeks to alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Africa. The COMECE Executive Committee encourages the G8 leaders to continue in their mission to bring liberation from poverty and suffering as a testament to the value of freedom and as a statement of solidarity. Let this meeting not be pushed off-course due to the selfish and cruel actions of a few.


The members of the COMECE Executive Committee are:

Bishop Em. Dr Josef Homeyer, Bishop of Hildesheim, Germany (President);

Archbishop Hippolyte Simon, Archbishop of Clermont, France (Vice-President);

Bishop Adrianus van Luyn, Bishop of Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Vice-President).


COMECE is a commission of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of the member states of the European Union.

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