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12. July 2005

Representatives of the Churches and religions met with Commission President Barroso

COMECE Press 12.07.2005

Yesterday the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso met with a group of leaders and representatives of the Christian Churches, Judaism and Islam in Brussels, after which they issued a joint statement.

07. July 2005

Statement on the terrorist attacks in London

COMECE Press 07.07.2005

The Executive Committee of COMECE wish to offer their sincere condolences, support and prayers to the British people following the terrorist attacks on the London transport system on Thursday morning.

15. June 2005

Concerns regarding the implementation of the Action Plan of the Hague Programme

COMECE Press 15.06.2005

Six Church and Christian organisations working in the field of migration and asylum today sent a letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Council, highlighting concerns regarding the implementation of the Action Plan of the Hague Programme which is due to be endorsed at the European Council meeting from 16-17 June in Brussels.

14. June 2005

Bishops call upon politicians to re-elevate the citizen to the core of the European Union

COMECE Press 14.06.2005

During the Executive Committee of COMECE which gathered in Rome from 9-10 June, the Bishops reflected upon the current situation in the European Union and subsequently issued a statement which will be sent to Prime Minister Juncker in the run up to the European Council gathering from 16-17 June in Brussels.

02. June 2005

Statement on recent referenda results

COMECE Press 02.06.2005

“The French and Dutch “No” require discernment on the part of both politicians and citizens. The “ No” vote is multifarious. Therefore an outright rejection of the European project is not to be concluded.

30. May 2005

Statement: response to the referendum result in France

COMECE Press 30.05.2005

On Sunday 29 May 2005, France, a founding member state of the European project and a major dynamo in the process of integration, delivered a vote of …% in opposition to the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe.

20. May 2005

Churches meet with the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union

COMECE Press 20.05.2005

Church representatives today welcomed the inclusion of respect for human dignity and prospects for increased solidarity in the EU Constitutional Treaty during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President-in-Office of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker held in Brussels.

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