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23. November 2007

Autumn Plenary Assembly of the Bishops of COMECE

COMECE Press 23/11/2007

The Bishops of COMECE call upon the EU and its Member States to agree as soon as possible on the admission of more Iraqi refugees in the next two years.

14. November 2007

The External action of the EU

COMECE Press 14/11/2007

The Bishops of COMECE (Commission of the Bishops? Conferences of the European Community) will hold their Autumn Plenary Assembly from 21 to 23 November in Brussels. This plenary Assembly will be mainly dedicated to ?The external action of the EU ? current challenges and perspectives?.

19. October 2007

Adoption of the Reform Treaty

COMECE Press 19/10/2007

COMECE’s Secretary General Mgr Treanor greets the announcement of an agreement on the new treaty for the European Union.

30. September 2007

Family policy – chance and challenge for Europe

COMECE Press 31/10/2007

On November 5th the Secretariat of COMECE will present a further contribution for a family strategy on the EU level.

26. June 2007

COMECE Secretariat welcomes the outcome of the Summit

COMECE Press 26/06/2007

The COMECE Secretariat welcomes the fact that the Heads of State and Government have agreed to give a clear mandate to an Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) to proceed towards an institutional reform of the EU.

21. June 2007

International Summer School Seggauberg 2007

COMECE Press 21/06/2007

Eighty students from thirty countries will participate. They will follow lectures and seminars organized at Seggau Castle, near Graz.

23. May 2007

Le modèle social européen doit devenir le pilier de l’Union européenne

COMECE Press 23/05/2007

Le renforcement de la dimension sociale de l’Europe est donc aussi indispensable que l’adaptation de ses institutions à une Union dont le nombre de membres s’est accru.

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