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Draft article 37 of the Constitutional Treaty of the European Union

EU Constitutional Treaty: Democratic life of the EU

Press release - 4 April 2003 The COMECE Secretariat issued the following statement following the publication by the Presidium of the European Convention on 4 April 2003 of a series of draft Articles for the future Constitutional Treaty of the European Union. The articles will be subject to debate and amendments:

"The proposed section of the future constitutional treaty on the 'democratic life of the Union' is a significant step forward towards bringing the European Union closer to its citizens. "We welcome the Presidium's proposal for a draft article 37 on the status of Churches and religious communities as part of this section. The draft article recognises the specific identity and contribution of Churches and religious communities at the service of society as a whole. It also respects their status under national law, including the proper separation of Church and State according to national constitutional and legislative traditions. "We believe that respect for the distinct competences of Church and State and for diversity within the European Union are essential foundations for a relationship that reflects the reality of modern European society and is appropriate for the future. "On the basis of the previous debates in the Convention plenary, we hope that the Presidium's proposal will be confirmed by a consensus within the Convention."

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