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07. November 2008

COMECE Autumn Plenary Assembly 2008, 12-14 November

COMECE Press 07/11/2008

The main topics on the agenda of the Plenary will be the following: The Report on Climate Change and Christian Lifestyle, The protection of Sunday in the Working Time Directive, etc...

06. November 2008

The debate about the work-free Sunday must take place in the European Parliament

COMECE Press 06/11/2008

The Secretariat of COMECE regrets that the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs has refused to put to the vote several amendments which aimed at including the protection of Sunday in the new Working Time Directive.

29. October 2008

PRESS CONFERENCE - Presentation of the Report of the COMECE on Climate Change

COMECE Press 29/10/2008

Presentation of the Report of the COMECE ad-hoc Working Group: « A Christian View on Climate Change ».

29. October 2008

Presentation of the COMECE report :"Climate change requires an ethical answer"

COMECE Press 29/10/2008

The expert group set up by COMECE last January and chaired by the former EU-Commissioner Prof. Franz Fischler publishes today its report to the Bishop members of COMECE. The document.

22. October 2008


COMECE Press 22/10/2008

Presentation of the new Secretary general of COMECE Fr. Piotr MAZURKIEWICZ.

09. October 2008

Meeting of the Social Affairs Commission of COMECE: The consequences of the financial crisis

COMECE Press 09/10/2008

The Bishops members exchanged of views on the topic of “The future of social protection and social policy in Europe” was marked by the crisis in the financial markets and its consequences for social policy in Europe.

06. October 2008

COMECE Publication on Science and Ethics

COMECE Press 06/10/2008

The aim of this publication is to encourage interest in bioethical issues and to promote an atmosphere of open Dialogue between the Church, politics, science and economics.

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