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05. May 2008

We need an ecological conversion

COMECE Press 05/05/2008

The Church and Religious leaders affirmed a shared responsibility with political leaders on the future of the planet.

01. May 2008

Annual meeting of Church and Religious leaders with the European Institutions

COMECE Press 01/05/2008

The Fourth annual meeting of Church and Religious leaders in Europe with the Presidents of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council will take place on Monday 5th May.

21. April 2008

Intercultural dialogue: response to which problems?

COMECE Press 21/04/2008

The panel discussion among Islamic and Christian experts exchanged views on the urgent necessity and aims for intercultural dialogue in Europe.

07. March 2008

COMECE Spring Plenary Assembly: The EU of the 21st century should incarnate the Common Good

COMECE Press 07/03/2008

The main topic being ‘Respecting human dignity and safeguarding the creation – incarnation of the Common good in the EU policies of the 21st century’.

28. February 2008

Churches encourage the European Union to a much broader approach in employment policies

COMECE-CEC 28/02/2008

Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs, representatives and experts of the Churches in Europe discussed with the European institutions the modernisation of European employment policies, which shall provide a mutually supportive combination of security and flexibility, called flexicurity.

25. February 2008

Churches discuss European Employment Policies with the EU Commission

COMECE Press 25/02/2008

A Dialogue Seminar on employment policies in the European Union will take place on 28 February 2008 at the European Commission in Brussels.

19. February 2008

European Churches meet Slovenian EU Presidency

COMECE-CEC Press 19/02/2008

On 19 February a delegation of European and Slovenian churches was received by the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa.

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