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09. October 2009
09. October 2009

Gdansk: Rimantas DAGYS- Families, the vital cells of society, need Europe's solidarity

COMECE Press 09/10/2009

By Mr. Rimantas DAGYS, Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Social Affairs and Labour (Lithuania).

09. October 2009

Gdansk: Anna Záborská MEP -"La solidarité, un défi pour l'Europe"

COMECE Press 09/10/2009

Oser bien vivre le mariage avec amour, joie et confiance en dépit de tous les risques de la vie, et être des parents ou grands-parents joyeux - mais pas inconscients, peut servir d'exemple à d'autres personnes de s'engager dans le mariage et de fonder une famille.

09. October 2009

Gdansk: Maureen Junker-Kenny "The Human Person and its Rights"

COMECE Press 09/10/2009

A panel on the resources which Catholic Social Teaching can offer to policy-makers and to the public debate of citizens in the different member states of the European Union.

08. October 2009

Gdansk : Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Archbishop of Milan, Homily 8 October

COMECE Press 08/10/2009

We open the first Catholic Days for Europe with the celebration of the Eucharist, by listening to God's Word and with the gift of the Body and the Blood of Christ pro vita mundi: words which illuminate and a gift which restores our personal and social life.

05. October 2009

The positive outcome of the Irish Referendum

COMECE Press 05/10/2009

Mgr Adrianus Van Luyn, President of COMECE welcomes the clear and decisive outcome of the Referendum in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty. 

01. October 2009

Church representatives meet the Swedish EU-Presidency

COMECE Press 01/10/2009

The Swedish Minister for European Union Affairs, Ms Cecilia Malmström received the Church representatives in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

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