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18. June 2009

Climate change: Challenge for lifestyles, solidarity and global justice

COMECE Press 18/06/2009

Six months ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Churches and church organisations discussed with EU representatives the ethical dimension of the fight against climate change. 

08. June 2009

The low turnout indicates that a European Civil Society is still missing

COMECE Press 08/06/2009

On the occasion of the European Elections which took place from June 4th to 7th, 2009 the President of COMECE, Bishop Adrianus van Lyun, congratulated all the elected Members of Parliament from the 27 Member States. 

11. May 2009

Politics and society should rethink their value systems in order to overcome the economic crisis

COMECE Press 11/05/2009

The current economic and financial crisis reveals a spiritual crisis and a distorted hierarchy of values. This is the analysis that Bishop van Luyn, President of COMECE, shared with the Presidents of the European Commission and the European Parliament on the occasion of the annual meeting of the leaders of the monotheistic religions with the heads of the EU institutions.

20. March 2009

Declaration of the COMECE Bishops -European Elections 4-7 June 2009

COMECE Press 20/03/2009

The Bishops of COMECE support and promote the European Union as a project of hope for all of its citizens.

18. March 2009

COMECE Spring Plenary Assembly 18-20 March 2009

COMECE Press 18/03/2009

On Wednesday 18th March, the COMECE Bishops inaugurated the new COMECE premises by blessing the Chapel which is located at the entrance of the building and the offices of the COMECE Secretariat.

12. March 2009

Gdansk: Manifesto for the Catholic Social Days for Europe

COMECE Press 12/03/2009

"Each generation has to earn and consolidate freedom and peace for its own time. Our generation is no exception" states the preparation committee for the "Catholic Social Days for Europe" in a Manifesto published today.

11. February 2009

Protection of the work-free Sunday:MEPs launch Written Declaration

COMECE Press 11/02/2009

The Secretariat of COMECE welcomes the initiative of several Members of the European Parliament, to ask the House to decide on a Written Declaration on the protection of a work-free Sunday as an essential pillar of the European Social Model and as part of the European cultural heritage.

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