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26. November 2010

COMECE Bishops concerned about rise of populist movements in Europe

Autumn Plenary Assembly

The Autumn Plenary session of COMECE met from 24 to 26 November in Brussels. It reflected on the topic of populism.

24. November 2010

COMECE celebrates 30 years

COMECE Press 24/11/2010

COMECE Celebrates its 30th Anniversary today. In 1979, the European Parliament's first elections with universal suffrage opened up new horizons. The Bishops' Conferences focused their attention on the European Community.

21. October 2010

Vice President of COMECE becomes Cardinal

COMECE Press 21/10/2010

COMECE is delighted by the nomination as a Cardinal of Reinhard Marx (57), the Archbishop of Munich & Freising. 

14. October 2010

Churches representatives meet the Belgian EU-Presidency

COMECE Press 14/10/2010

On Tuesday 12 October, representatives of the churches in Belgium and in Europe met with the Belgian EU-Presidency in Brussels. The Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme, received the church representatives for a one hour meeting at his residence.

05. October 2010

European Parliament takes action to promote Religious freedom

COMECE Press 05/10/2010

Religious freedom must be incorporated into the European External Policies of the EU, by adding to Agreements with Third Countries a binding clause on the respect of freedom of religion.

01. October 2010

New Ways of Solidarity

COMECE Press 01/10/2010

‘Do not deny justice to your poor people' is the title of a report presented yesterday in the European Parliament by the main European Churches and their organisations.

28. September 2010

Invitation- Inauguration Mass

COMECE Press 03/09/2010

In the context of the European Union Belgian Presidency (1st July - 31st December 2010) and of the European opening year, a Eucharistic celebration will take place on the 28th September 2010 at 19.00 at Notre Dame au Sablon, Sablon Square, in Brussels.

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