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07. December 2011

COMECE: EU should update its research policy on stem cells

COMECE Press 07/12/2011

Human embryonic stem cell research is no longer patentable in the EU, it is ethically problematic and therefore is not a consensual research field among Member States and EU citizens.

28. October 2011

COMECE Plenary Final Statement

COMECE Plenary 28/10/2011

In the midst of the Financial Crisis of the Eurozone, the COMECE Bishops call on the European Union and its citizens to refrain from blaming one another.

27. October 2011

Comment restaurer la confiance

Intervention de Jean-Pierre Jouyet à la COMECE 27/10/2011

Texte intégral de l'intervention le 27 octobre,  de Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Président de l'Autorité des marchés financiers, France, devant les évêques de la COMECE réunis en assemblée plénière.

27. October 2011

More Europe, not less

COMECE Plenary 27/10/2011

Text of the Speech given by Emmanuel van der Mensbrugghe – EUO Director- to the COMECE Bishops.

18. October 2011

Human embryos cannot be patented

COMECE Press 18/10/2011

COMECE welcomes the Judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). In the Case Oliver Brüstle v Greenpeace, the ECJ, in a preliminary ruling, decided that destructive research on human embryo cannot be patented.

17. October 2011

COMECE Plenary Assembly 26-28 October

COMECE Press 17/10/2011

The main topic of the Plenary will be « The Financial Crisis and the future of European Integration ».

21. September 2011

Invitation "Laborem exercens" Conference

Wed 21 September @ EU Parliament

COMECE invites to a Conference on "LABOREM EXERCENS- The central place of Human Work for the European Social Market Economy" on Wednesday 21 september in the EU Parliament.

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