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05. April 2011

COMECE Spring Plenary Assembly

Christian Churches in Maghreb and Mashriq

COMECE Spring Plenary starts today with 23 Member Bishops participating. The main topic of the Assembly is "Christian Churches in Maghreb and Mashriq". COMECE hosts a public evening debate tonight with Cardinal Naguib at 19:30

18. March 2011

Shift of ECHR finally acknowledges the diversity of approaches in Europe regarding religious symbols in the public square

COMECE Press 18/03/2011

The Grand Chamber of the ECHR stated on 18 March 2011 that the presence of crucifixes in Italian State-school classrooms is not contrary to the right to education.

21. February 2011

Persecution of Christians finally given the attention it deserves.

Press 21/02/2011

COMECE greatly values today’s EU Council’s Conclusions on “intolerance, discrimination and violence on the basis of religion or belief” as a good step in the right direction.

01. February 2011

Persecution of Christians: a most regrettable wavering

COMECE Press 01/02/2011

COMECE very much regrets that the 27 Foreign Ministers of the EU failed yesterday to agree on a joint declaration condemning religious persecution. 

18. January 2011

Churches meet with the Hungarian EU Presidency

Press 18/01/2011

As part of the series of regular encounters between churches and the incoming EU Presidencies, a delegation of Hungarian and European church representatives was received by the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán on Monday, 17 January 2011.

17. January 2011

Europe Infos, a Christian perspective on the European Union

Press 17/01/2011

COMECE and the Jesuit European Office are pleased to introduce a new version of Europe Infos, in a new online format in colour.

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Press 14/03/2011
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