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22. June 2012

Latest COMECE Reflections on Science and Bioethics

COMECE Press 22/06/2012

How can we deal with patients in state of post-coma unresponsiveness? What are the prospects for human enhancement by technological means? How can we fight organ trafficking and transplant tourism? 

20. June 2012

Cardinal Marx Statement on Rio+20 Conference

COMECE Press 20/06/2012

Statement of the President of COMECE to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Rio +20.

21. May 2012

Invitation: Towards a Sustainable Economic Order

COMECE Press 21/05/2012

COMECE and CEC-KEK both look for a profound reflection of the European Integration process based on a search for the common good and the human dignity.

09. May 2012

Christians in the Arab World: One year after the Arab Spring

COMECE Press 09/05/2012

To what extent is the 'Arab Spring' meeting the demands for more libeal values such as democracy and human rights? Will the diverse communities and cultures be respected?

02. April 2012

Dialogue Seminar with the EU Commision on Religious Freedom

COMECE Press 02/04/2012

In every country where the people’s rights of freedom of religion has been violated - and even threatened -, the society itself is at risk.

23. March 2012

Cardinal Marx is the new President of COMECE

COMECE Press 23/03/2012

“We are at a decisive moment for the future of Europe”. This is the statement of Cardinal Reinhard Marx after his election as the new President of COMECE. 

22. March 2012

Who will be the new COMECE President ?

COMECE Press 22/03/2012

The Bishop Members of COMECE will elect a new President and 4 vice-Presidents among their midst.The new President will held a Press Conference at 14:30 on Friday at COMECE.

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