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21. March 2012

Opening Speech of Mgr van Luyn-COMECE Plenary

COMECE Press 21/03/2012

In his opening Speech, COMECE President Bishop Adrianus van Luyn, whose mandate as a COMECE Chair is about to end, made a review of the events which have marked the European Union in the past months.

09. March 2012

COMECE Spring Plenary Assembly

COMECE Press 09/03/2012

The COMECE Spring Plenary Assembly will be held from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23March 2012 in Brussels. 23 COMECE Member Bishops will be present.

12. January 2012

COMECE Invitation Conference on Social Market Economy

12 January 2012

On the 12 January 2012, Cardinal Marx, COMECE Vice-President, will present the Statement of the COMECE Bishops on the EU Treaty Objective of a Competitive Social Market Economy, "A European Community of Solidarity & Responsibility".

11. January 2012

Towards a new economic model, based on solidarity and responsibility

COMECE Press 11/01/2012

The COMECE Bishops propose that the Common Market evolves towards the concept of a Social Market Economy in order for the EU to become a viable ‘Community of Solidarity and Responsibility’.

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