Sunday 24. October 2021


Paris attacks: Statement of the General Secretary of COMECE


"The attacks perpetrated on the people of Paris yesterday evening fill us all with revulsion. They are beyond contempt. My thoughts and prayers go to the victims of these senseless acts of violence and their families. France cannot give in to campaigns of terror or violent attack, nor can Europe.


Barbarism such as we have witnessed in Paris calls for a response from the civilised world. It is to be hoped that Europe is up to providing the response required. It is vital that Europe presents a united front to the terrorist threat, that it be united too in its foreign and defence policy. The forces which currently threaten Europe do not respect national borders.  It is imperative that the twenty-eight member states of the EU act together more effectively. Our collective security is at issue, as is our freedom to live together in peace.


Tomorrow a period of national mourning begins for France: we are united with the people of France in prayer and solidarity."


Father Patrick H. Daly

General Secretary of COMECE

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