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COMECE Press 17/12/2015


Gestational surrogacy condemned outright by the European Parliament today


Today the Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2014 and the European Union’s Policy in its regard came before the Plenary of the European Parliament for a vote.


There is much in the report which those who are committed to fundamental rights and values can only welcome: this is illustrated by the fact that the report clearly calls for the abolition of the death penalty and condemns all forms of gestational surrogacy as well as the trafficking in human beings.


Although some paragraphs in this report give rise to concern to those seeking to respect the principle of subsidiarity and some fundamental values regarding the protection of marriage and of the human life, the Secretariat of COMECE wishes to salute this overall positive outcome. We can only congratulate the European Parliament on the affirmation of such essential shared civilised values.


COMECE's Working Group on Ethics in Research and Medicine issued an Opinion on Gestational Surrogacy which was presented last February at the EU-Parliament.

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