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14. November 2016

Reconciliation in Iraq ?

Webnews 14/11/2016

COMECE participated in a Round Table at the EU Parliament on “Expectations and challenges to Iraqi National Reconciliation” organised by the Community of Sant'Egidio. Mgr Louis Sako, Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldean, asked the EU to support creation of reconciliation mechanisms and to prepare the post DAESH reconstruction through a roadmap involving all relevant actors.

10. November 2016

Persecuted Christians: how to curb the phenomenon ?

Webnews 09/11/2016

COMECE participated in the 2nd European Congress for the Protection of Persecuted Christians in Krakow. The objective of this conference was to pinpoint the directions of legal and political action which should be taken to curb this cruel phenomenon.

09. November 2016

Dublin IV: an insufficient proposal

Webnews 09/11/2016

Commenting on the New Dublin IV Proposal, COMECE and other members of the Christian Group on Migration and Asylum call upon the EU Commission to further develop an asylum system which should be designed and implemented matching and integrating the applicant’s and the Member States’ preferences, needs and potentials in the allocation process. Read the full paper.

07. November 2016

COMECE Vice-President Mgr Ambrosio: Rethinking Europe

Webnews 07/11/2016

"The EU and its institutions, all member countries, namely, all civil society of the “European common home” as a whole, need to reflect on the cultural and political progress of the Continent, the goals it intends to achieve and most importantly the basic values called to inspire the common journey." Read the full interview of Mgr Ambrosio in SIR.

02. November 2016

Work-Life-Balance 4.0 - Challenges in a Time of Digitalisation

Conference on 15 November

Digitalisation is changing our society in many ways. What influence does this development have on our everyday life in society and with our family? This is the topic of the conference on "Work-Life-Balance 4.0 - Challenges in a Time of Digitalisation".

28. October 2016

The plight of Europe’s poor

COMECE Press 28/10/2016

119 millions Europeans, almost a quarter of the European population, are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. The plight of Europe’s poor was the main topic of the plenary session of the Bishops of COMECE on 26-28 October in Brussels.

28. October 2016

COMECE: British and Irish Bishops on Brexit

COMECE Press 28/10/2016

During their Plenary Assembly, the COMECE Bishops had an exchange on the outcome and consequences of the referendum in the United Kingdom.

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