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14. June 2016

External action: an authentic European Peace Policy needed

COMECE Press 14/06/2016

In a report published today, COMECE Bishops make 22 policy recommendations for an authentic European Peace Policy.

03. June 2016

Invitation: Living Laudato Si' - One year later

Thursday 16 June 19:00

On the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Encyclical «LaudatoSi’» COMECE and its partners would like to present different approaches to its message: reading of the text, testimonies of political decision-makers and with the inspiring Vivaldi Concerto «The Four Seasons ».

31. May 2016

Europe´s vocation to promote peace in the world

COMECE lunch debate 14/06/2016

Ahead of the upcoming European Council, COMECE will present its report on “Europe’s vocation to promote peace in the world” which the Bishops adopted at their last Plenary Assembly as their contribution to the preparation of the EU Global Strategy.

30. May 2016

Seminar "From Rerum Novarum (1891) to Laudato si’ (2015)"

Tuesday 3 May 2016, 10.00

Download the full report, the keynote speeches and presentations made on the occasion of the joint COMECE-ECWM seminar on the anniversary of the papal encyclical Rerum Novarum which was held on 3 may in Brussels.

24. May 2016

Visit of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Rangoon, to Brussels

COMECE Event 24/05/2016

We are Easter people" -said Cardinal Bo -" a new dawn has arisen. There is hope in Myanmar” Cardinal Bo highlighted in his intervention at COMECE the current challenges in Myanmar such as the need to reinforce democracy, protecting and promoting human rights for all, fighting poverty by developing education.

07. May 2016

The Pope’s Speech on Europe : powerful and encouraging

COMECE Press 07/05/2016

Reaction of Fr Patrick H. Daly, Secretary general of COMECE, to Pope Francis acceptance speech, on receipt of the Karlspreis.

19. April 2016

Evening reception 3 May: 125 years of Catholic Social Teaching

COMECE Press 19/04/2016

To discuss the tenets and the development of Catholic social teaching, COMECE and ECWM organises an evening reception on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Rerum Novarum.

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