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21. December 2017

Tackling AMR, the Antimicrobial Resistance

Webnews, 21/12/2017

Every year approximately 25,000 people in the EU and about 700,000 in the rest of the world die because of resistance against «antibiotics». What is this phenomenon? How is it possible? What is the EU doing to protect its citizens? What is the contribution of COMECE to counter it?

19. December 2017

EP Dialogue with Church actors on the External Policies of the EU

Webnews, 19/12/2017

On December 6th COMECE participated to “The External Policies of the EU”, an event co-organised with the European Parliament as part of the Dialogue between the EU institutions and representatives of Churches and religious associations and communities.

18. December 2017

COMECE Working Group on Migration and Asylum: focus on the African migration to the EU

Webnews, 18/12/2017

COMECE Working Group on Migration and Asylum analysed the situation and challenges related to African migration to the EU, in the context of the new EU–Africa Partnership.

07. December 2017

COMECE contribution on Private Investment & Development

Webnews, 07/12/2017

With the recently launched European External Investment Plan, traditional development cooperation seems to move from a donor-recipient relationship towards a fair and mutually beneficial partnership. In this context, COMECE has published its assessment and some concrete policy recommendations.

06. December 2017

COMECE Social Affairs Commission: reflection on the future of work

Webnews, 06/12/2017

COMECE Social Affairs Commission and Catholic-inspired organisations exchanged with experts and EU officials on the transformative shift undergoing in the world of work.

05. December 2017

Abidjan Summit: towards a new authentic mutual partnership?

Webnews, 05/12/2017

Political leaders of the European Union met with their counterparts from the African Union in Abidjan to reinforce their partnership and focus on the «Youth» of both continents.

30. November 2017

Eastern partnership: towards dialogue and stronger cooperation?

Webnews, 30/11/2017

EU Heads of State and political representatives met with their counterparts from the six Eastern European countries in Brussels to review their partnership. They pledged to strengthen cooperation and to engage in a comprehensive and forward-looking dialogue.

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