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06. April 2011

Invitation 6 April

Christian Churches in Maghreb and Mashriq

COMECE is pleased to invite you to an EVENING DEBATE on Christian Churches in Maghreb and Mashriq, on Wednesday 6 April at 19:30 at COMECE



18. March 2011

Shift of ECHR finally acknowledges the diversity of approaches in Europe regarding religious symbols in the public square

COMECE Press 18/03/2011

The Grand Chamber of the ECHR stated on 18 March 2011 that the presence of crucifixes in Italian State-school classrooms is not contrary to the right to education.

21. February 2011

Persecution of Christians finally given the attention it deserves.

Press 21/02/2011

COMECE greatly values today’s EU Council’s Conclusions on “intolerance, discrimination and violence on the basis of religion or belief” as a good step in the right direction.

01. February 2011

Persecution of Christians: a most regrettable wavering

COMECE Press 01/02/2011

COMECE very much regrets that the 27 Foreign Ministers of the EU failed yesterday to agree on a joint declaration condemning religious persecution. 

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