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21. November 2013

Horizon 2020 : The EU should not fund research on human embryonic stem cells

COMECE Press 21/11/2013

The success of the recent citizens initiative “One of Us” finally ought to convince the EU Parliament to end the financing of research activities  which presuppose the destruction of human embryos.

22. October 2013

Do not be misled: abortion is not a EU competence

COMECE Press 22/10/2013

COMECE recalls that the EU has no competence in regard to this matter. EU citizens should not be misled.

21. October 2013

Churches on Climate Change: a matter of Solidarity and Global Justice

COMECE Press 21/10/2013

A one day seminar entitled “Environmental protection and climate change as a challenge for policies – the role of ethics, lifestyles, solidarity and global justice” has concluded.

06. September 2013

COMECE’s Opinion on Medical Devices: Not safe enough

COMECE Press 06/09/2013

In an Opinion published today, the COMECE Reflection Group on Bioethics warns against some ethical shortcomings and proposes improvements to Proposals which will be voted in the European Parliament on 18 September.

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