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11. February 2009

Protection of the work-free Sunday:MEPs launch Written Declaration

COMECE Press 11/02/2009

The Secretariat of COMECE welcomes the initiative of several Members of the European Parliament, to ask the House to decide on a Written Declaration on the protection of a work-free Sunday as an essential pillar of the European Social Model and as part of the European cultural heritage.

17. December 2008

Sunday protection will not be anchored in the European Working Time Directive

COMECE Press 17/12/2008

'Sunday as the privileged weekly rest day will not be inserted into the future Working Time Directive although the reconciliation of work and family life is the explicit aim of this Directive’ stated COMECE Secretary general Piotr Mazurkiewicz.

04. December 2008

Catholic meeting in Gdansk in 2009

COMECE Press 04/12/2008

About 500 Catholics from all over Europe are due to meet in October 2009 in Gdansk, the founding city of Solidarność, at the invitation of the Commission of the Bishops? Conferences of the European Community (COMECE).

14. November 2008

The crisis is a test for the values of European society

COMECE Press 14/11/2008

The sense and value of human work has been pushed to the background in the general struggle for profit, the COMECE Bishops stated with regret on the occasion of their Autumn Plenary Assembly.

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