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03. September 2008

Extension of the length of maternity leave: A significant social progress for women

COMECE Press 03/10/2008

The COMECE Secretariat welcomes the proposal made by the European Commission to extend the minimal length of maternity leave in the EU from 14 to 18 weeks.

16. August 2008

COMECE Secretariat asks for reduced VAT rates in favour of families and cultural heritage

COMECE Press 16/05/2008

The COMECE contribution suggests reducing VAT rates on goods and services relating to families, and the renovation of churches and places of worship.

28. February 2008

Churches encourage the European Union to a much broader approach in employment policies

COMECE-CEC 28/02/2008

Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs, representatives and experts of the Churches in Europe discussed with the European institutions the modernisation of European employment policies, which shall provide a mutually supportive combination of security and flexibility, called flexicurity.

25. February 2008

Churches discuss European Employment Policies with the EU Commission

COMECE Press 25/02/2008

A Dialogue Seminar on employment policies in the European Union will take place on 28 February 2008 at the European Commission in Brussels.

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