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Bishop Zsifkovics was born on 16 April 1963 in Güssing (Austria). On June 29, 1987 he was ordained a priest. He worked in the diocese of Eisenstadt as Episcopal Secretary (1987-1988), diocesan chancellor (1992-1999), parish priest in Wulkaprodersdorf (1994-2010) and then as pastoral director of the Croat community (1996-2010) as well as an editor of the Croatian church newspaper ‘Glasnik’ (1996-2010). He then became Secretary General of the Austrian Bishops' Conference from 1st February 1999 to 1st March 2011.

On September 25, 2010 he was consecrated bishop of Eisenstadt.


Bishop Zsifkovics a member of COMECE since March 2015.


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