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20. October 2017

Mgr. Jourdan (Estonia), “a demanding task fulfilled with pride. We have taken back our place in Europe”

SIR, 20/10/2017

SIR - “Though there are a few euro-sceptics, pride prevails for Estonia having taken back its place in Europe, with all the rights and duties that ensue”. The apostolic administrator, Bishop Philippe Jourdan, is in charge of looking after Estonia’s small Catholic community (7 thousand devotees). A minority group, but one that is no less lively and involved in the social and civil life of the country.


20. October 2017
Pope Francis addresses the European Parliament at the institution's headquarters in Strasbourg, November 25, 2014.   REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Pope Francis to meet high-level EU Politicians at COMECE’s Dialogue

Webnews, 20/10/2017

(Re)Thinking Europe. A Christian contribution to the future of the European Project, the International Conference which will gather in the Vatican, between 27-29 October, hundreds of high-level Church and EU political leaders to contribute to a constructive reflection on the fundamental challenges facing the European project.


19. October 2017

(Re)thinking Europe. “National egoisms weaken Europe.” Weber (EU Parliament): this is still a time of solidarity

SIR, 19/10/2017

SIR - The Conference "(Re)thinking Europe", held in the Vatican, is upcoming (October 27-29). The “dialogue forum” promoted by COMECE and the Holy See is being held at a time of great tensions: Brexit, the Catalan question, widespread nationalisms and attitudes of closure vis a vis the migrant inflow. The chair of the EPP group in Strasbourg calls for the recovery of the founding values of the European Community, without underestimating the major challenges that the Old Continent is called to face today.


17. October 2017

(Re)Thinking Europe - Sviatoslav Shevchuk (Ukraine): “Europe be united! Be yourself! Be Christian!”

SIR, 17/10/2017

SIR - "If Europe forgets its Christian roots it will have no more reason to affirm the dignity of the human person, to work for the common good, to be in solidarity with others. I would like to make this appeal: Europe be united, be yourself, be Christian!": it is the belief of Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of Ukraine’s Greek-Catholic Church.

11. October 2017

(Re)Thinking Europe. Father Poquillon (COMECE), “Europe needs to recover self-confidence”

SIR, 11/10/2017

While the need to protect national borders is being debated throughout Europe, while peoples take to the streets to claim independence and electoral competitions are won by riding the wave of populism, Pope Francis and the COMECE bishops have summoned all the main players of this Continent to engage in dialogue and discuss the theme of “(Re)thinking Europe – A Christian contribution to the future of the European project.” Meeting in the Vatican October 27-29

06. October 2017

(Re)thinking Europe

Press, 06/10/2017

A high level dialogue between Church and political actors organised by COMECE and the Holy See in the Vatican from 27 to 29 October 2017, with the participation of Pope Francis.


17. May 2017

"(Re)-thinking Europe" Dialogue: COMECE met with Pope Francis

Webnews, 17/05/2017

Pope Francis met COMECE Standing Committee in Santa Martha at the Vatican last Tuesday in preparation of “(Re)-thinking Europe”, the major high-level Forum of Dialogue that COMECE is organizing in collaboration with the Holy See in Rome on October 2017.


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