Samstag 21. Juli 2018
Die COMECE beobachtet und trägt zu diesen wichtigen Bereichen der EU-Politik bei:
17. Mai 2017

"(Re)-thinking Europe" Dialogue: COMECE met with Pope Francis

Webnews, 17/05/2017

Pope Francis met COMECE Standing Committee in Santa Martha at the Vatican last Tuesday in preparation of “(Re)-thinking Europe”, the major high-level Forum of Dialogue that COMECE is organizing in collaboration with the Holy See in Rome on October 2017.


29. März 2017

(Re)thinking Europe: the Church is involved in the reflection process

Webnews, 29/03/2017

While on 24 March, Pope Francis will receive in presence of Cardinal Marx, in an audience the Heads of State of the EU-27 on the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the EU Bishops will meet in Brussels from 29 to 31 March to reflect on the future of the European Union.

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